Health and wellness are really the keys to life. If you aren't looking after yourself, you can't serve others. I offer wellness services in addition to my design & art services because they really go hand in hand. If you want your business to flourish, or your life to flourish, you need to put yourself first. 
I promote living a healthy lifestyle through my social media platforms and I especially love to share how tea can be a big part of that through my tea business, Quartz Tea Room. Self-care is also a big part of healthy living. This is something that looks different to everyone since self-care is very personal. Part of my self-care is painting my nails, and I share this passion of mine through my division, Amethyst Beauty. With Amethyst Beauty, I share how easy it is to have quick, beautiful nails with stunning designs with no dry time. This is thanks to Color Street Nail Strips!
You can also find me teaching Yoga Nidra Classes, a style of meditation that is deeply beneficial for the mind and body.  
In 2020 I completed my Level 1 Reiki certification, which at the time was just for self-healing. However, I have started to infuse crystals with Reiki as gifts and I look forward to exploring this more as I have begun my Reiki Level 2 with Emily Moran.
In addition, I am now a certified Yoga Nidra Instructor. When I first tried yoga at choir camp in high school I fell in love with it. It gave me so much energy and lifted my spirits. A number of years ago I started with meditation and tried Yoga Nidra, which is a type of guided meditation also known as yoga sleep. It is something I have always felt drawn to, and thanks to the pandemic I can finally take this yoga certification course as it is now offered online which is a lot more accessible and affordable for me. 
You can learn more about my yoga journey in this blog post!
I now offer online classes Yoga Nidra on Asana at Home. Yoga Nidra assists your mind and body in relaxation and can help in recovering from trauma, as it allows you to get into your subconscious mind while also being conscious. Join me for a class and let go of the things that no longer serve you. 
Thanks for being here to learn more about me. May you receive love and light in all things.