Logo Design
Whether you're starting a new business, rebranding, or just looking for a logo for your hobby business I can set you up with something that will stand out and bring you joy. I love to encapsulate the dream of your business into a logo that will represent exactly how you want your customers to feel when they see it.
View my portfolio to see some of the businesses I've created logos for.
Social Media Content Creation
If you need help creating posts and increasing your social media presence I can help! I offer content creation in graphics, photography, and some video editing services.
If you have ideas but don't know how to create the content, that's where I come in! I can create content for you and schedule the posts for optimal times to engage with your audience and grow your business.
I've had experience through all platforms and I can give advice on what is best for your industry. 
Need something more? I have partnered with Social Media Marketers if you need more assistance with marketing advice, market research, and strategic analysis.
Graphic Design
You have the vision for what you'd like to create and I have the talent to make it happen! I can create business cards, posters, flyers, t-shirts, social media graphics, and more. Let me know what you need to help make your business a success!
Some examples of my work can be viewed in my portfolio or check out my social media profiles to view current works that haven't made their way onto my website. 
Wellness Services
Looking after your own well-being is key to being able to live your life. I started expanding into health and wellness in 2014 when I launch my tea business, Quartz Tea Room. In 2020 I began a journey of self-healing and took my Reiki Level 1 Certification. Originally this was intended to just be healing for myself, but it opened up so much more to me and how I want to help others. 
In the Spring of 2022, I finished my Yoga Nidra certification and I now offer Online Yoga Nidra classes through Asana at Home to help your mind and body relax. There is no physical movement in Yoga Nidra and the entire practice is done in savasana. It is a deep relaxation and meditation class and it works on the central nervous system and helps to relax the body from the inside out. It is an extremely beneficial practice to help your body deal with anxiety, stress, and trauma. 
You can read more about these services on my Wellness page. I am continuing to expand how I offer these services because if you want to run your business and life successfully, the first part is looking after yourself. I have taken a long time to learn this myself, and I want to give back to others on this journey because I want you to have access to the tools that have helped me so much in improving my life, and finding a better work-life balance. 
To offer you more I have partnered with other freelancers to help you with all your business needs! I can coordinate Web Design, Blog Writing, Social Media Marketing, and SEO with my preferred partner companies.