Lucy's Balloon Ride was a self-published children's book that I designed and illustrated, and was written by my husband David Palmer. We dedicated this book to our first born niece and it has become a tradition that we gift it to our friends when they have their first child.
This project was a lot of fun to put together. I did all the illustrations with acrylic paint with a watercolour style and outlined details with India ink. All the paintings were scanned in to then create the book, which was really fun to design. 

Working on a children's book is a lot different from most projects I work on, it was a great way to remind myself to be more playful.
I got to take part in a publication featuring font types throughout history. I was given the time period of the Northern Renaissance and had a 4 page spread to work with. On the first 2 pages, in addition to the design, I also wrote a short article on the history of type within the era. 
The second page features Durer Caps, a font that is based on master artist Albrecht Dürer’s 1525 geometric construction of Roman capitals.
This was a fun research project, and a great way to design just using typefaces. 
Being the only design student in my creative writing class, when our teacher wanted to publish a book featuring our writings she asked me to design the book cover! 
It was a lot of fun to have the opportunity to design the cover of a self-publication that all my peers were going to get copies of as well. We all received copies to give out to family and friends as part of the class.
I am currently working on an Aerial Hoop Workbook with my Aerial Hoop teacher, which will be a workbook to supplement Aerial Hoop Classes.
Another publication that I currently have in the queue is One Cup of Love, which is a family cookbook I am self-publishing featuring all my family's favourite recipes.
I always have some fun projects on the go and I look forward to showing them to the world when they are ready!